burnishing an american pool cue tip and shaft

Published: 07th January 2010
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The only times you don't need to burnish a tip are if you like mushrooms or you are clever enough to fit a 9mm tip on a 9mm furrel as all standard tips like elk and blue diamond ect ect are pre burnished along with being pre shaped into the perfect shape which has a dome directly proportional to the curve of the White ball.
If you fit a 10mm tip on a 9mm ferrul you will have to trim it to size once stuck which lifts the fibers within the leather so you should allways burnish your tip if you want it to last more than a couple of months. Not so important when only paying 50p for an elk but mighty important if you don't want to spend £13 every few months for a decent layerd leather tip. Saying that if you are changing your tip every couple of months there is a high chance you will be damaging or wearing down the ferrul and will then have to have that changed prematurly.

Personal choice plays a part here but if you want to make a proer job of it glue round the seam being carfull not to coat the side walls (personal choice) and burnish it . The tip will stay stuck and last a long time. the fact that the side walls are burnished makes no difference what so ever when playing shots with extream side spin as you never hit the ball with the side walls. I vary rearly play a plain ball shot any more and quite often use extream side with no problem what so ever.

The shaft should be cleaned regular then no need for any abrasive. Burnish the shaft after cleaning for a silky smooth feel and it creates a seal which keeps any moisture (swet) and chalk dust out and makes it easier to keep clean. It is the mix of moisture and chalk dust that creates sticky cue syndrome thats why players have problems on a humid day.

To burnish your shaft simply use a q wiz, postit note or a any other product . Rub the none abrasive side of the q wiz up and down the shaft using a bit of elbow grease untill it starts to get warm an thats it done.

To burnish a tip there are a few products and gadgets out there like burinshing fluid and porper tip burisher. But you dont actually need any of them. Rub a small amount of spit around the side walls (dont make it wet just damp) then use a postit note or £5 note and rub round the side walls buy spining the shaft round and round again until it starts to get warm.

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